Minutemen 2024-25 Season Teams

U14, U15, U18



2011 2010 U15/09 U18
Acker Cabrales Ambler Alexander
Barbash Cleary Bergstrasser Bach
Coots Davidson Bilotta Barber
Davis Fedon Black Bedwell
Duncan Frohnhoefer Carpenter Caruso
Eardley Harding Gatta Colfer
Geoffroy Heaberlin Holl Conneen
Greener Heffernan Jean Crawford
Harris Keeney Kanze Crossan
Holsten Latshaw Matoney Fingerhut
Kovach Magnin Morgan Hudson
McCarthy McKelvey Napolitano James
Schmidt Roberts Lynn Kotsch
Tesoriero Rotwitt Pucci Linker
Vetovitz Smith Seasholtz Newby
Yu Thomas,M Sheehan Quinn
Zinni Washlick Smith Rhoads, B
Welch Stavrianos Rhoads, G
Yothers Spottiswoode

Minutemen 2024-25 Season Teams

U10 and U12

2012 2013 2014 2015
Baroni Brennan Bates Balke
Costin Caldwell Cardi Cavanagh
Cottone Cardi Distefano Gentile
Dunn Conneen Donahue Holak
Forczek Davis Gayle Kennedy
Gerenda Dempsey Gvodas Kross
Laskowski Donahue Karpinsky Latch
Latch Doucet Katchur McMonigle
Myers Heavens Laskowski Morgan
Ouedraogo Kennedy Maginnis Orfe
Reagan McHale Nolen Pizzico
Rothbart Noti Oddo Smeltzer
Ryan Robinson Purdy Turney
Schmidt Sisca Small


Congratulations Teams!

2024-25 Coaches Announcement 

U18 (06/07): Joe Slowik
jslowik10@gmail.com, 610-322-7650

U15 (09): Tim Feoli
tfjr.23@gmail.com, 276-250-8502

Bantam Major (10): John Geverd
jgeverd8@comcast.net, 603-494-9391

Bantam Minor (11): Thomas Kisela
thomas.kisela1995@gmail.com, 443-510-6140

PeeWee Major (12): Mike Schmidt
mrschmidt21@gmail.com, 313-657-0738

PeeWee Minor (13): Dany Doucet
danydoucet@hotmail.com, 610-533-5880

Squirt Major (14): Toni Porkka
toniporkka@yahoo.com, 484-529-0452

Squirt Minor (15): Matt Balke
balke18@aol.com, 484-855-0204
Billy Latch
latchw@gmail.com, 610-405-0871

Mite Major (16) - Mite Militia: TBD


Do you have what it takes to be a billet family?

It takes special people to open their homes and hearts to our players and we take the utmost care to ensure our players are placed in environments that are conductive to care, understanding and safety. Ideal families for the Minutemen billet program will be able to provide clean, spacious accommodations for players in a caring environment conductive to healthy and productive lifestyles.
If this is something your family might be interested in, please contact John Geverd, jgeverd8@comcast.net.

Honor Roll

Minutemen Mission

Minutemen-Block-LogoREAL SMALLThe Valley Forge Minutemen Hockey Club is committed to developing youth hockey players from Mite to Midget. We teach young athletes fundamental and advanced hockey skills and team concepts. We emphasize the importance of education, nutrition, off-ice training and rest/recovery. We value hard work and reward commitment, honesty, loyalty and respect for the game of hockey. We take pride in advancing our players to the highest level.


Physical Address: 100 Pennco Rd. Oaks, PA 19456

GPS Address: 87 Brower Ave. Phoenixville, Pa 19460

Minutemen Hockey Director


Toni Porkka